When Philadelphia received their MLS expansion team, the Union, the coach Petr Nowak asked the supporters, the Sons of Ben, to sing a song after each goal scored by the Union. The song is (Maria) I Like It Loud by Scooter with the DOOP coming in at the chorus.

Now when the Union scores a goal, the entire stadium breaks into song. DOOP is now used in every day language to express joy.
by JennyJGeminiGirl August 17, 2010
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Noun; to produce a filthy shit. Usually, doop doop has a mudlike consistency and creates the sensation of swamp ass (SEE: Swamp Ass) A doop doop, when smeared on the toilet bowl, can be called "painting the town brown."
"Oh man, my insane buddy Harper made a violent doop doop in his pants and the smell pretty much ruined the party.
by Jon Beech August 29, 2006
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Expression of feeling: making a beer pong shot, getting touch, sick bong hits, seeing some cooter, kickin it with the bros.
(Person #1 makes an impressive and high-degree of difficulty beer pong shot)-Doop Doop!

(Person #2 is gettin some nice dome in a movie theater)-Doop Doop!

(Person #3 spies a hot young thang walkin by with a ghetto booty)-DOOP DOOP!!
by King Dooper October 19, 2009
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Best friend or bonafied friendor one thats there for you no matter what (can also be a family member)
Thats my doops.

Or your person defined above calls out to you and you say - Yes my doops.
by Nyoaka January 26, 2007
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When a child or a pet is playfully annoying
Dad said 'no dooping George, go and get your shoes'

The dog was dooping all day
by Scratcher33 May 28, 2018
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Abbreviation for "death by noop."

Commonly occurs when someone locks themselves in the bathroom and dies from exposure to their own hazardous noop.
Mr. Edward Jacobs, 76, died yesterday in his apartment. Police have confirmed that he died of natural causes, a common doop incident.

No suspects are wanted for questioning.
by Jerktart October 18, 2011
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On Futurama, DOOP stands for the Democratic Order of Planets.
by dj gs68 May 14, 2003
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