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1. When there's this doof, usually named Ryan, that keeps saying stupid things in the context of group texts or social media.

2. When someone (often named Ryan) means to text their significant other a sappy message, but instead sends it to a group text with all their friends.
1. I heard people have started blocking Bryan from that Live Music group text, because he was constantly doofing the threads.

2. Ryan, stop doofing our thread with your lame emoji texts to Nikki!!!
by Dongknuckle April 18, 2017
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"did you hear what john did yesterday? he was totally doofing!!"

"duuudee. lets doof together!"
by greatday87 October 26, 2011
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an extra large smile that consumes your face making you look doofy
guy: why u smiling so much girl: you called me cute guy: ohhhh thats y ur doofing ?
by monkey duckerson the third March 21, 2009
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when a girl by the name of megan wants to have sex, she'll ask if you want to doof around
"hey, we should be doofing right now""
by popcorng February 28, 2018
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