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Main Entry: don.kin
Pronunciation: “d&on-kin”
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -onk•ed; -onk•ing
Etymology: Late Latin donkaratus, past participle of donkare to waste
1 : to waste valuable resource(s)
2 : a state of mind where one disregards all obvious signs of valuable gain
3 : not taking a given opportunity to better oneself
4 : clear acts of stupidity
-“I can’t seem to find Fredrick, he is definitely missing out. The girls here are HOT”
-“Fred is donkin it…”
by Mo-Nizzle January 20, 2007
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To ride around the city in a donk, usually with no particular destination. This aimless activity usually includes smoking blunts and sippin' drank.
You know how we do in North Cackalacky-- steady donkin' and grindin'.
by C-Murdah April 01, 2007
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to be utterly retarded due to drugs or alcohol
Damn, John was donkin so bad this weekend that he puked in a garbage bag in the common room!
by FoShizZle March 14, 2005
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Gayl..:Im Fucking horny babe.
Guy..: so am i,shall we go do a bit of donk'in?
Gayl..: Yes Baby..x
by HiizChiick February 09, 2009
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Adj. Used to express a feeling not as good as amazing but still awesome.
"Hey man, how was your weekend?"
"It was donkin dude!"
by pickles12 November 14, 2012
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Oh donkin for apples. Oh donkin, why are you so good to me?
by J.Bugg April 12, 2004
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Bad, inept, clunky, awkward, shitty. Somethng that somebody clueless thinks is cool but it isn't.
"That CD you dropped is donkin."
"Thanks, man!"
"Any time."
by Thoringerveer May 11, 2019
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