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An amazing individual. Is highly romantic and passionate. He would find anyway to make you happy and has a great taste in music; He's very kind and sexy. Loves his family and friends. Is a peace maker, will always make you smile, and loves and cares for you. Will never break your heart.
I need a Fredrick in my life.
by Pretty._Unique December 23, 2016
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an amazing person and friend. you'll never meet a person like him; I promise. he would go out of his way to make you happy and he has a good music taste. he's kind and very cute. gets kind of jealous but who doesn't? bye.
I can't really give an example of how perfect he is fredrick
by foxtea May 21, 2014
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Sucks dicks for metro cards and take it up the ass on a daily. He has the shrimp dick and knows that his little dick ass aint getting no pussy. Instead, he gets train by large groups of men( 4-7 people). He gets BUTTFUCKEDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!’n
You don’t ever wanna be a Fredrick, He gets fucked by a lotta niggas
by BSCcantfuckwitme October 08, 2018
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Faggot who likes to watch nugget porn while enjoying the pungent aroma of scented placenta.
Dont be a Fredrick, he has a 2.2 GPA.
by israfil January 04, 2018
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