An amazing individual. Is highly romantic and passionate. He would find anyway to make you happy and has a great taste in music; He's very kind and sexy. Loves his family and friends. Is a peace maker, will always make you smile, and loves and cares for you. Will never break your heart.
I need a Fredrick in my life.
by Pretty._Unique December 23, 2016
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A small child with inappropriate thoughts most of the time, but who cares about his close friends and has good like ambitions, he also sucks a drawing
Fredrick: draws nazi shit on a board as a joke
Everyone else: NO FRED STOP
by MLGDANKLORDfm March 26, 2019
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Fredrick is the overulling god of the universe. He originated as a simple minecraft sweet berry bush, but has since ascended, since survivng being dropped into lava by his evil twin brother dreadrick . There are myths that say that upon eating Frerick's berries, you will recieve absorption 255.
by Chosronu May 8, 2020
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An emo poser who hurts girls and doesn't have the balls to say things to your face, so he'll just have his friends tell you. He says he loves you, but it's not true. He may save you from suicide once, but in the end he'll be the reason you're dead. He can go cut himself in his emo poser corner.
You see that kid Fredrick over there? Don't share your razor blades with him! He'll give you AIDS!
by Rapist Kitten September 27, 2009
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Faggot who likes to watch nugget porn while enjoying the pungent aroma of scented placenta.
Dont be a Fredrick, he has a 2.2 GPA.
by israfil January 3, 2018
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VERB A person who gets salty on DarkRP and then wastes staff time with pointless cases.
Wow, Person A is doing a Fredrick Again... He's saying "RDA" despite the cops having full reason to arrest
by Scalings July 5, 2018
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