person who gives money to a charity or fundraiser
The DONATOR gave a large sum of money to help Habitat for Humanity.
by DONATOR June 4, 2010
Ask me anything if you're so sure about my honesty.
Avoid establishing your own theories. truths.
by Bad Translator December 6, 2019
Synonym: "Pledge"

To promise to donate to charity but instead secretly keeping the money whilst taking credit for it.

When confronted, refer to the synonym
"Ms, we did not receive your promised donation"
-- "Yes, you did, I already pledged it".
by NightOwl_00 May 17, 2022
Donats is an amazing religion created by the one and only gracious leader Dona.
Me: have you heard of Donats?
Friend: no what is is?
Me: it's the greatest religion ever
Friend: cool I'll join
by Donats follower January 31, 2019
Long haired wannabe rocker dude who thinks he's super funny but SOOO not with chronic hair-flipping problem and and terrible guitar skills.
don't be such a Donat. seriously, not cool.
by gabrielle sankar October 28, 2008
how idiots saydonor
For $5 tier donators or above, here are the rewards...
by cutesy pastel living doll June 21, 2019
slang term for sperm donater, father of someone's child, part-time parent, usually a deadbeat dad/mom. Often misspelled as "donater".
Sam is a real jerk! He's the donator that never sees his kids.
by ziggeerose June 1, 2009