A school in Columbus, Ohio. A school full of people who do not know a thing i.e Michelle Emmert. Cool dude.
I heard Dominion Middle School has had 3 bomb threats this year. Rad dude!
by El Queso May 7, 2004
A school in Northern Virginia where the fake bitches roam. A school full of white people who support trump, or think that they're perfect. Where they also think they're all part of a gang, even though they would run and hide if you got in their faces. Also where everyone stereotypes others, and uses racial slurrs like they're eachothers names. A school full of hypocritical bitches who all think they're better than eachother. Also where the phrase, "all bark no bite", comes into play because everyone claims they can fight, but actually can't. Pretty much a shit school, yet somehow has high reviews, shocking...
Person 1: "What school do you go to?"
Person 2: "Dominion High School"
Person 1: "Oh so you must be one of those fake bitches"
by fed up w/ the school <3 September 14, 2017
A theme park in Doswell, Virginia.
Used to be good, before the Paramount took over, in the early '90s, taking away our precious Season Pass Holder gates, and putting gay restrictions in.
I've gone to Kings Dominion for almost every single birthday I've had since my first. w00t.
by Leiko October 6, 2004
Dominion is meaning of niko and hubbys undying love that can portray from which right and wrong ,dark vs light imagery ,good vs evil only those that are worthy know the true definition of dominion . Not even tridge
by ZADDYISBAE January 28, 2022
Dominion is an amazing person, sweet and compassionate about things he cares about. Dominion is very smart, even though he acts like he's not, and he's adorable beyond anything you could ever imagine ,he always have control over.
The devil has dominion over our souls if we're bad . He is the funniest person you can meet and will make you laugh until your ribs hurt. He gets angry when people call him , and when he gets mad, he gets MAD. Never get on Dominion nerves or you're in for a treat. Overall a Dominion is someone who always looks out for his friends and has a girlfriend who loves him very much. If you ever meet a Dominion in your life, make sure to hold him close and never let him go or you'll lose someone who is a extremely good friend.
The devil has dominion over our souls if we're bad.
by Cato money November 23, 2021
In ancient times; to take care of, or caretaker.
Man was given dominion over the earth and animals.
by H.I.444 October 15, 2020