To have control over.
The devil has dominion over our souls if we're bad.
by Sabouru June 26, 2009
The best online fantasy role playing game EVER. It outclasses Utopia, Earth 2025, and even Elveron in every way. It has great members such as Raju, Gabbe, Goose, fingal, Blackreign, Karinett, bear, and greenblob. And we all love the creator, Ross.
by Dom Addict April 9, 2005
Dominion Voting Systems Corporation is a company that sells electronic voting hardware and software, including voting machines and tabulators, in the United States and Canada. It's famous for guaranteeing that the highest bidder and the party who introduces the system will be guaranteed to win their election.
Dominion was the voting system used in many swing states in the 2020 US presidential election, it produced election results resembling those that occurred in Venezuela.
by Sidney Power December 29, 2021
An Alliance guild on the Classic World of Warcraft server called Kromcrush.

This guild is known to have some of the best pug raids around. Completed all phases of content in under 1 year of its creation date.

The opposing faction runs the other way when they see anyone from Dominion, as they know they will most likely lose any fights.
Oh... Dominion is camping the Yojamba Island again? We can’t drop a heart... zug zug.
by Grantor5789 April 18, 2021
A propaganda film geared towards angering vegan retards by showcasing how the meat industry works and why no amount of activism will ever change anything about it. A favorite film of the flat assed whore Tash Peterson; who often tries to use the film to further her pathetic cause and incite outrage against anyone who chooses to eat animals, it is nothing more than a propaganda film and anyone who falls for its message and allows themselves to be manipulated by it clearly has no self respect
Friend: Have you seen that Dominion movie? It's pretty eye opening
Me: Yeah, I saw it. It was almost as funny as The Cove
by redgrave1093 June 13, 2021
online game where the kids took over & don't know the difference between a duck and a goose
The Duckster>goose
The Duckster>Duckville
by yo momma April 9, 2005