THE BEST City in Southern California. Surrounded by Compton, Downey, South Gate, Long Beach etc... The city is populated predominantly by Mexicans, with the exception of a few Blacks, Asians, and Samoans. The are only two or three white families in the city. Paramount High School is the shit. It is filled with your typical high school group of kids, the only difference being that the popular crowd arent the guys with Letterman Jackets but the Paisas who usually drive a red, single cab Chevy 1500 and wear several brands they, for the most part, cant afford such as; Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Armani etc.... Although the school is run by paisas there are the cool kids, athletes, nerds, fuck-ups, cholos, wanna be cholos, pregnant chicks (we even got a day care) and Teeples (nerdy ass white kid who plays football). On a typical day in Paramount you drive around with your homies bumping the newest Gerardo Ortiz corridos and try picking up on women. There is always something to do. The days are short and the nights are long, every weekend there is a quincenera that you and your homies crash. The best parts of the city are Paramount High School, R.Cees BarberShop, Alondra Hot Wings, The Swap Meet, and the parties. Paramount is glad to say it was home to former Ny Giant, Super Bowl Champ Antonio Pierce, Rapper YG, Youtube sensations EGO (cholo adventures) and Timothy de la Ghetto. You might pass by and think its just another city, but its the shit. The place i call home
Sergio: Hey what the fuck? That girl was fine AS FUCK! how you know her?

Matt: Yea man, she goes to Paramount. You can hook up with her home girl, she got two babies though.
by YungFreshOne October 26, 2012
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A small ghetto city located in between North Long Beach, and Compton. It is surrounded by Bellflower, Downey, and Lakewood. The city is full of paisas, wannabe cholos, and chunti's. Many of the people living in this city want it to be like Sinaloa. So you have a lot of chunti's blasting out their tacky ass corridos at the local Walmart parking lot. Then you have aging 30 year olds who like to swing by the main High School to pick up on underage girls. Wack ass city full of chunts and their fatass troll girlfriends. Also full of wannabe gangsters who think they are worth a shit. City is full of posers. Fuck Paramount.
Paramount is chunti ville.
by Fuck Paramount March 8, 2021
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A city so small no one knows about it.
It's located in southern California. It is bordered by Compton Downey Lynwood and Long Beach.

Its an awesome city but I hate that no one knows about us.
We're so small we only have one high school.
"Hey :) where do you live?"
"In Paramount"
"Next to Compton."
by Foster Kid February 15, 2012
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People who will sleep with Execs to get a gig, part in a movie/commercial or record deal. This may also apply to people who sleep with the boss in hopes of a promotion.
Hey, did you hear about Debbie? She's been paramounting this record exec from L.A.
by Mischu January 23, 2007
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How would you have sex with that person. I would paramount that chair
by Enzo55 October 31, 2011
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