In ancient times; to take care of, or caretaker.
Man was given dominion over the earth and animals.
by H.I.444 October 15, 2020
The Dominion of Hate is the final chapter of the 1994 RPG, Live A Live. In this chapter the protagonist, which the player chooses, must stop the Lord of Dark, Odio, with the help of the other protagonists.

The player is required to recruit all 7 protagonists to get the true ending. In the 2022 remake, an extra final boss is added which requires the player to go through the steps for the true ending in the original, featuring the only time the party limit exceeds 4.

There is an alternate version of this chapter where you play as Odio, you must fight the heroes as the bosses of each of their respective chapters.
The Dominion of Hate is an amazing finale, it ties everything up nicely.
by Baboiminion August 27, 2022
Screwed misrepresented, robbed, hustled, hosed, bamboozled, turnt and burnt, left for dead, censored, ass whooped, hung out to dry, Loefflered.
The Colts got Dominioned in the playoffs by some shady refs.
by Wyoung377 and DreaDretti January 11, 2021
He is known for his phenomenal pencil spinning video on youtube.
Golly, that Primal Dominion is quite the pencil spinner.
by Baer4453 June 30, 2009
A complex, multi-national algorithm that requantifies statistics based on the needs of the most nefariously inept.
One legged Timmy didn't have a chance in hell at being the worlds fastest man, until his SJW soccer mom petitioned the equality police. After they applied the Dominion variable, One legged Timmy IS the worlds fastest man!
by TheGman692000 January 7, 2021