A narcissist at heart, this guy only loves himself. Quick to form opinions of you based on his opinion of you, he hides that behind a smile but all the while he's judging you and you never really see how toxic he is until you breathe fresher air. Best to fumigate and move on.
Domini talks a big game and pretends to be humble. He betrays loyalties by having no filter. He'll tell you shit you don't want to hear and expect you to listen, but if you tell him that you are uncomfortable listening, he'll hang up on you and stop talking to you. lol. He's two faced and toxic. Domini = Domineering
by marianal January 29, 2019
A young and supple woman with beautiful locks of golden hair. However, when annoyed, her face seems to transform into that of an ogre, this mostly occurs when her brother comes into her field of vision...

She's also hella popular wit da boiizzz, and is constantly receiving love letters from her admirers.

Dominie generally has the temperament of a turtle on a particularly grey and blustery day.

She is likened to the beauty of the Greek Goddess Athene, yet she unfortunately has one flaw, namely a large and weapy ingrown toenail.
Ew whats that on your foot? ... Oh, just a Dominie toe .. well, its gross
by hotsexybeast April 22, 2011
the hispanic racial mix of Dominican and Puertorican, known by far as the sexiest mix in the world...
Yo my fathersz Dominican n my momsz Puertorican, i guess that makesz me, Domini-Rican...
by BLaZE» October 13, 2008
A slave to Swablu, originates from Latin. ‘Master of the yam
Yam meaning stupid.
Wablus dominus est melior quam yammus domini
by J-12256 January 19, 2020
He’s the nicest and sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. When you first meet him, he may seem very aloof and detached, not really present. But once you get to know him and he lets you in, you’ll realize he’s genuinely very caring and sweet. I love my Dominy.
1 - Wow, that guy is so hot and nice! I wish he was my boyfriend
2 - Yeah, that’s Dominy. He’s super nice and a great guy.
by Eggsbaby April 30, 2022