What we see depends on the angle we are standing.

I am dominican.
NOT all dominicans are campesinos, nor illiterate.

Like in any society there are schooled and not so lucky to be. Upper class, upper middle, middle and low. There are white people there, mix of black and white (generations of it...and not considered mulato in this case since it is not first generation) and black. There are lebanese descent, asian, etc..
Same mix there is in Cuba, Puerto Rico. There are more characteristics in one more than the other but bottom line is the same.

The lower class in countries like ours (that used to be colonies) tend to be darker for obvious reasons. The same happens in Central America and South but instead of black is indigenas. Same logic different race. The mixed always were middle class or at least that is how it started. And do not mean by this that mixed only exists in such.

Whoever is writting definitions about dominicans (whether dominican or not) is not very smart. Dominican indiosincracy is a little bit more complex than the rubbish they are writting here. Some things are true but it does not cover everyone. It does not cover me and people I know.

Maybe you should read a little bit more dominican history, maybe use the internet for better things than embarrass our nation.

It kills me to think that the only famous people any of you can think of is merengueros and baseball players. There are designers, doctors, in as much professionals that have placed the Dominican Republic up high. Obviously you are not interested in these things and that is why...whatever is inside of you(brain)....you will see on the one in front of you.
How to erradicate ignorance about dominicans
by Rectificadora November 3, 2006
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To clear things up:

1. Dominicans DO NOT want to be Puertoricans nor do we hate them. If anything, Dominicans dread giving up their sovereignty to be controlled by a country that thinks so poorly of us.
2. Not all Dominicans are illiterate and ignorant. In fact, if you to go to a private school you'll be more cultured than the average American.
3. Dominicans listen to an amazingly big arrange of music genres, not just Bachata and Merengue. Music taste, just like in any other culture, varies from individual to individual and generalizing this only makes YOU an ignorant.
4. The Dominican community living in Washington Heights DOES NOT represent the Dominican population. Dominican people inhabiting this area usually come from really, really impoverished areas of the Dominican Republic which means they didn't get a proper education just like anyone from a poor neighbourhood anywhere would.
5. Dominicans are not all "ghetto". This fad is only popular in the poorer areas of the country.
6. Dominicans are not "lighter-skinned Haitians". Do some research.
7. The fact that most Dominicans don't speak proper English doesn't mean they're stupid or lazy or ignorant or useless. In case you didn't notice, the Dominican Republic is a Spanish speaking country which was never colonized by an English-speaking country (save from some relatively short American puppet-rulings). It's not like we go around calling people stupid because they don't speak Spanish
I'm Dominican. I've lived in the DR my entire life and generalisations about any culture are pointless, ignorant and offensive.
by sayswhobillywu July 1, 2010
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People from the Dominican Republic. They are very proud people who love n enjoy their culture, food n music as most countries do.

Spanish is spoken in D.R. Dominicans have a mixed heritage, most of the people in D.R. have Spaniard n African heritage n a bit taino.

so peoples color tone can vary. some look mulatto n a lot look like the guys from the group "Aventura". Dont listen the ignorant ass stereotypes made by kids born in US with Dominican parents, they dont know shit about D.R. Dominicans arent obsessed with platanos even though its part of our main dishes, Dominicans arent all "cool kids", or all ghetto tough kids.

Real Dominicans however are always mostly in good mood, a little loud, always available to do exiting things, very communicative, use our hands and face while talking (we use A LOT of symbols), LOVE LAUGHING, a bit defensive, LOVE TO DANCE, sing alot even if our singing sucks, street smart (not saying gangsta, i mean that like the majority of us dont get fooled easily).

D.R. is a third world contry. Tough economy right now, everybody robbing and killing its crazy.
Blackouts about 2-3 times a day in average sectors for about 1-2 hours each. Most are loud there, a lot of people outside, cars with loud ass music cross by, a lot of house parties, a lot of busses n motor-taxis, robbers in the dark, a lot of colmados. A LOT of street food. Anyways the happy ambience allows people to live there without going crazy lol. Its a great place for vacations btw.
Danny: whats a Dominican?
Steven: A person born in the Dominican republic
by jeanky June 7, 2011
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A person coming from the Dominican Republic. THEY ARE NOT TAINOS (native americans) YOU FUCKING MORONS THEY DIED OUT. Dominicans come in all shades and consist of mainly 2 races. Black and Caucasian. Some Dominicans have more white or caucasian ancestry while some may have more black or african ancestry which would explain why we come in so many shades. Another large race is asian, but asians usually breed within their own race.

We are considered latino/hispanic due to our Spanish ancestry but unless you're a completely UNMIXED Dominican, you ARE INFACT BLACK and WHITE, you retards.
I'm light skinned, my Mom's grandparents, and father were spanish, but my dad has black and spanish ancestry, I'm Dominican.

I'm dark skinned, but my great grandparents were spaniards, so i'm black and white, but still dominican.
by C.M.M.T. May 24, 2008
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Unlike many of these definitions which only go by the stereotypes, here's the real definition:

A person born in the Dominican Republic or of Dominican heritage.They are the result from a mix between Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans or Tainos. Usually criticized by many for their "annoying" ways to express nationalism. It bothers me how most people only see the surface. Ninety percent of the Dominicans who live in the US(mainly in New York City, Boston, New Jersey, Florida, and Connecticut) are from rural towns or very poor urban ghettos in the Dominican Republic, therefore most people think they are all ignorant hillbillies, but they're not. Not all of them are like that. Most people only acclaim Dominicans for their music (Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, and Dominican Hip-Hop), for their food, and for their great baseball players(A-Rod, Sosa, Martinez, Ramirez, etc). The Dominican Republic has made important achievements in agriculture, medicine, art, literature, politics, just to name a few. Its too bad most Dominicans in the US do nothing to change the perception most Americans have of them. One of the best examples of this is the New York City neighborhood Washington Heights, where the most ignorant, low life, mediocre, and uneducated Dominicans ever reside.

As somebody who's lived in both New York, and the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo, its biggest and most important city) I can tell you their not all like that. Same goes to all immigrants who come to the US from poor environments in their native countries. Most are only the worst posible display their country has to offer.
Dominican 1: Yo KLOK manito was good?

Me: Can you speak in either english or spanish. Cut the Spanglish, its embarrassing.

Dominican 1: what you talkin about loco?

Me: Oh yeah and take that flag of your bookbag, it doesn't make you more Dominican, it just makes you look like a fucking retard. You wanna be Dominican, start by learning about your culture.

by Tempo3240 July 11, 2008
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Dominicans or Dominican Americans come from the Dominican Republic. This country shares its borders with Haiti. The Dominican Republic has rolling hills, and mountains. The chief export by far is sugar. Dominicans came to the U.S. because of economic hardships and because of the government. The Dominicans came here in the early 1980's and even more came in the 1990's. The Dominicans are relatively a new ethnic group. Since most are "campesinos", they lack education or skills. They also face language barriers and discrimination. 42% of all Dominicans don't know English well. 29% of Dominicans are on welfare. The more Dominicans that come here, the poorer they become as a group. They are also unusually younger than most immigrant groups. Many are illegal and fall under the poverty line. They are also plagued by high rents, unemployment, and stereotypes of drug-fueled crimes. Many Dominicans are working to combat these problems with associations. Despite their problems, Dominicans are very hard working. In Washington Heights, the Dominican expatriate capital, they have set up bodegas and cabs that compete with the yellow taxis. They have also set up bodegas, beauty salons, and restaurants throughout their barrios in New Jersey and New York. In New Jersey, Dominicans mainly settle in Paterson, Perth Amboy, or Union City. The vast majority of Dominicans have African blood in them. However society makes them seen only as Hispanic or Latino. Skin colors vary. Some have brown skin and others have skin almost as black as African Americans. 50% of all Dominican households are headed by women. The men do all they can to provide the family. Sometimes however some can't do that so they leave. Many Domincans work in construction, plumbing, repair, or as bodegueros. Women can't do this work so they are often cooks, or maids. So their children have to work harder in school. Another stereotype is that Dominicans are too lazy to learn English. This is not true. It's just that Domincans are often times working two or three jobs so they don't have the time. They have made great contributions in the field of baseball and music. Theri food consists of plantanos, yellow rice and beans, yuca, and beef. Over 95% of all Dominicans are strong Catholics.
Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, AZ, Fabolous, and several bachata singers and other baseball players are Dominicans.
by The freakin Rican December 19, 2004
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A domican is someone who originates from da Dominican Republic (D.R.). Along with the Puerto Ricans dis island produces some of da finest and wildest girls in da world. Domincans Stereotypically love platano(which is true), Knife wieldin, An some of da hardest fukas on da earth. New york Dominicans are almost always tied wit da gangsta lifestyle. Prideful, ghetto, baseball, platano, gurls, all describe everyday domican life.
That Dominican over der is one of da fukin hardest niggas in da bkny
by ChrisRBK November 23, 2006
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