Her only quam is that he still lives at his parents' house.
by ~D March 21, 2007
Jessy pulled her knickers to find quam in her gusset.
by Anonymous September 9, 2003
v.To jizz on something in terms of fire.
Ronnie jizzed all over that poor five year old and it burned like fire!
by firecrotch December 18, 2002
Quame is all around a funny guy ,he's very super funny but doesn't know it .he's an awesome person to be around and will always be dependable .quames are loyal and kind , and ratchet sometimes but a good type . They swear alot but after a while u get used to it , they will always be there for u and have a forgiving nature ,when they want to forgive ,they are normally good looking .this is a rare name so if your name is quame ur spethal
Oh look at that funny guy ,he's such a quame
by Gurlfwend July 21, 2017