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A mom who is never around for you. No hugs, no kisses, no scolding, no life lessons, nothing. You are left to grow up by yourself in her home. As soon as you are old enough you have to make all your meals, keep your room clean and help her with chores and she doesn't show you how, you are just expected to do this. She starts complaining how expensive your (hand me down) clothes are, so you are expected to find a job at 12, and you are stressed and scared because she is not helping you do this and you don't know really know how. Finally you do find a job but then she takes your money and tells you how to spend it. You try to get good grades at school and generally do but she calls you stupid and of course she doesn't remember saying it. She lies to you without any remorse. She will always act nice to you when people are around but dump you the second they leave. If you have a brother or sister or both, she might play favorites. She shits on you but spoils everyone else, even if it's just praise and loving attention that she can afford. Meanwhile you are expected to go to your room in your spare time. Once in awhile for good measure, she will threaten your shitty existence by saying that she'll throw you out because she's in a bad mood that day. If someone suspects that you are being abused, she cries and puts on a good show. You don't leave because you know that there are worse people out there and the sad truth is - you're used to it.
You are quietly reading a book at the kitchen table (no tv for you!) trying to be a shadow on the wall so you won't piss her off. "GO TO YOUR ROOM!" *slap* "I GAVE BIRTH TO YOU AND YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!" - bad mother
by marianal January 29, 2019
A narcissist at heart, this guy only loves himself. Quick to form opinions of you based on his opinion of you, he hides that behind a smile but all the while he's judging you and you never really see how toxic he is until you breathe fresher air. Best to fumigate and move on.
Domini talks a big game and pretends to be humble. He betrays loyalties by having no filter. He'll tell you shit you don't want to hear and expect you to listen, but if you tell him that you are uncomfortable listening, he'll hang up on you and stop talking to you. lol. He's two faced and toxic. Domini = Domineering
by marianal January 29, 2019