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A force so powerful we could easily die close to one
My Doggo is so nice, but once he has all The infinity stones, things will be different
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by Goats ‘n Goats October 03, 2018
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Someone who is possessed by clout chasing. The original human is now gone and a demonic entity that feeds on clout is all that is left. An empty shell with no control of their actions, forced to blindly react to situations they think will bring them attention.
Soundcloud Rapper: Check out this link, realist in the game!
Social media feminist: Women have a voice!!!! #Brave
by DebSlave June 03, 2018
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Guy 1: look at that cute lil doggo

Guy 2: awwww

Guy 3: you guys are lame
by TEMOTOG April 12, 2016
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An alternate term for a dog used on meme pages to express the meaning of the picture. Usually found in captions.
The doggo rolled on the floor to please his master.
by Succmaster April 18, 2016
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Doggo (meme noun) Daw•g•go
Doggo is a slang term for the dog. A doggo is a full-size pupper. Internet users often use the picture of doggo to show how he is a good boy. There are many types of doggos such as common doggo, snip snip doggo, and other ones.
Person 1: Have your seen that meme
Person 2: Yeah that doggo is a good boy
by DoggoSaysBork June 04, 2017
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A big love able animal. It's a bigger version of a pupper.
Person 1: wow look at that cute doggo!
person 2: its so cute!
by Rashel1308 April 30, 2020
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