A dog meme. Doge and Gabe are the most popular doggos, but there are also bork bork doggos, snippy snippy doggos, long neck doggos, and licki licky doggos!
by DinoCoat January 19, 2017
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A very important, serious, battle tactic corrupted by today's insufferable youth.
Youth: Yo wazzup nice doggo.
Me (with my dog) : I am not currently remaining motionless and quiet to escape detection, but thank you for the sentiment.
by anonymous4070 March 29, 2018
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cute defiention for cute dogs
George: look at that cute doggo
grace: yes that is a cute doggo
by japcanusa March 01, 2019
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When your dog (or someone else’s dog) is way to cute for you to handle.
Person One: Why are you crying?

Person Two: I’m looking at that doggo...
by TheRealDoggo January 08, 2018
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Nothing can love you more than the world famous doggo!
The fluffy bois are always ready to party.
If a treat is mentioned near a doggo the tippy tappies start which means he/she definitely wants a treat.
Doggos are the best creatures on earth and every family deserves to have one.
β€œThe doggo has been a good boi today”
by #doggolover May 12, 2019
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