Nothing!! This is just a stupid word for stupid people to say wen they see a dog. WHY WOULD U ADD ANOTHER SYLLABLE TO THE WORD DOG! IT MAKES NO SENCE! WE ALREADY HAVE DOGGY!
Dumb girl who spends way too much time on Instagram: "Heyy!! Look at this cute doggo!"
Normal human being: *slowly strangles the stupid girl*
by Commen Sense May 07, 2017
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Referring to a dog, Usually full grown . Especially common in internet meme culture.
My doggo is a good doggo .

Your doggo shits all over your house .
by Joey........ February 05, 2018
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*adjective* Doggo means a doge that has evolved into a big Boi.
Man did you see that doggo it was so cute!
by Drewgorey August 15, 2018
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A type of dog which can dance like McJagger, Sing like Beyonce and is as cool as them both.
"Oh that is one nice doggo!"
via giphy
by your friend (ish) June 02, 2020
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