A meme word that was tolerable at first but with increasing frequency it became the visual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Like most meme-speak, the lasting appeal is mostly drawn out by older folks who get them on their Facebook walls after being filtered through 73 separate content sharing platforms like 4chan or Reddit as well as children who are still gaining their footing on the World Wide Internet and know not of what they speak.

See also:
kewl, 1337 speak (hax0rz, rox0rz etc), dood, lawl, zomg, orly...
elblanconino46: pupperino doggo good boi heckin bork
l0rd_farquaad: I am going to kill myself. And then I'm going to kill you.

Geoffrey: "What do you think of the word doggo?"
Quanteshia: "I don't get it, what was wrong with doggy?"
Geoffrey: "The sex position took over I think."
Quanteshia: "Hmm... Doggo style..."
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by lyricalllama April 12, 2021
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something that natalie likes to call her dog (doggo)!
natalie: omg hannahh!!!!! do you like my new doggo????
hannah: a doggo?
natalie: yes, my word for dog.
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by hannahhriddelll May 28, 2018
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A doggo is a special kind of dog that can magically originate some of the dankest of memes with a single stare
Oh my GAWD!! Dat b a thicc doggo over there! I must take a picture and post it on memes.com! YEEAAAAASAAA
by Athiccdoggoboi August 19, 2018
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A type of way to say dog but in a cool ish way.
Person :Can I pet your doggo?

Owner: of course you can pet my doggo
by Coolpersonwithjamintheirhands1 November 16, 2019
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The best floof ball animal ever
anna: *googles doggos* OMFG THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE I WILL DIE! *takes screenshot* I gotta send this to madison *send it to her*

Madison: OMFG cutest floof ball ever!
by Insta:Yep.dog_lover.1 January 08, 2020
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