long but narrow (thin) penis
(opposite of Chode)
my friend mike Economopoulos has a doch
by chris mikrovas June 25, 2010
To fortify your point without 'yes' and 'no'.
Person 1: "That isn't right"
Person 2: "Doch"
by Hi welcome to chili's 🌶️ December 18, 2018
doch or doched refers to a situation when you are "doched" or fucked very bad
the term "doch" is another meaning for "fuck" it is widely used in asian countries like India,Bhutan,Bangladesh,Pakistan
"ash wanted to doch neal cause neal doched him before"
"he was doched yesterday because he did not complete his homework"
"i doched him very badly after what he did to my car"
"we are planning to doch him for his poor performance"
"i was doching her when you called yesterday"
by NealCaffrey November 27, 2013
A pussy that is wider than it is deep.
Dude me and my gf hooked up last night and i totally put my chode in her doche!
by Chodey Doche July 21, 2006
a doche is a pussy that is wider than it is deep.
dude i hooked up with my girlfriend lastnight and i totally put my chode in her doche.
by chodey doche July 21, 2006
The result of squashing poco to a normal perons width, therefore resulting in his flab getting sqqished vertically upwards, making him around 5 metres high....a giant doche
lets play push the poco....omg we pushed so hard hes turned into a giant doche
by Petor May 28, 2004
when i saw ryan’s dick i immediately thought, “what a doche”
by dxkrxdxer August 14, 2018