Abbreviation of Port Coquitlam, a smaller city on the outskirts of Vancouver. PoCo is infamous for being a rough almost Compton like suburb and also it is where mass murderer/ pig farmer Willy Pickton lived. PoCo was a nice place in the 70's and 80's when its population first started to grow and it was also the hometown of Canadian hero; Terry Fox.
"You're from PoCo? I know not to mess with you!"
by Mike% May 15, 2007
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That guy is so poco he wears vagina suits to BLM marches.
by Buiti Binafi June 4, 2018
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a racist term used for any person whos of mexican decent.
We need to round up all these pocos and send them back to mexico.
by grumpy bear May 10, 2006
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"hey poco, go cut off your wang"
"will it make me cool?"
"ok then"
by phillip ondeasnuts March 12, 2008
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Mexican colloquialism meaning "Really?", a mild form of surprise, an innocuous throw-away expression designed to move a conversation along.
Did you hear that free range journalist Juan Montoya just won a Pulitzer for community reporting?
No! A poco...
by milusos December 27, 2018
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Lots of coins in your pocket so you jingle when you walk
You can hear Aunty GG coming home from all that poco
by Thug Tubbsa August 31, 2018
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Person who is wider than they are tall.

- a human chode
by leon December 17, 2003
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