1. To do something dastardly.
2. To do something daring, courageous, dangerous, or otherwise risky.
3. To masterbate.
"He finally did the deed... she's going to find an interesting surprise in her locker after third period."

"Well, I'm off to do the deed. Wish me luck on my chemistry final."

"What'cha doin'?" "I'm doin' the deed." "Eugh, that's dastardly."
by Pirate Cake May 08, 2006
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to perform oral sex upon a girls asshole, to lick her asshole
Ryan: Ohhh word did you do the deed last night?!
Cole: Yeah I licked Shellys asshole clean
by steelersnj May 01, 2011
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To have sex without using a condom.
She wants to do the deadly deed tonight, or not at all. I hope she's clean.
by SwamiYogurt May 30, 2010
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The action where someone (usually Ede) does something involving doing crazy dab rips or a swift moving dance when Wiz Khalifa is playing
Well fuck, looks like ede is doing the deed tonight”
by Words from Me March 25, 2018
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