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A stunning kind girl , who loves to celebrate!! She will often be fouled by boys but they will soon regret. An absolute badass!! She gets all the attention as she walks around proudly. She is so amazing and nothing about her can be beaten. She's a strong beautiful women, anyone would like a night in bed with her!!
She's truly the best at everything!!
Gosh look at ede , the hottest girl in our school😍😍
by Jehdjdbdjebeheab December 26, 2016
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Extra Dimensional Entity, extradimensional entity, extra-dimensional entity
I was typing the definition of "EDE" when suddenly I saw a small, black spider crawling up the bedroom wall! It's gotta be an EDE because when I looked up a few seconds later, it was gone!
by flynnspaws April 19, 2012
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