A stunning kind girl , who loves to celebrate!! She will often be fouled by boys but they will soon regret. An absolute badass!! She gets all the attention as she walks around proudly. She is so amazing and nothing about her can be beaten. She's a strong beautiful women, anyone would like a night in bed with her!!
She's truly the best at everything!!
Gosh look at ede , the hottest girl in our school😍😍
by Jehdjdbdjebeheab December 26, 2016
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You’re so fucking aggressive dude. You’re really nice but you probably killed like a bunch of dudes just cause you had a little mood swing. I love your eyes. Puncs will hunt you down. Probably spends weekend in Beauty parlour or some shit
Wtf that Dude is do aggressive. Oh nvm That’s Just Edem
by Sss2121 June 12, 2018
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A counter-strike player named ED^^. A slang term used in the forums and in the games.
:hammer: Dude! You got hammerED^^ son.
by Nick Francese February 26, 2005
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Ed is short for Edward Edminton and Edvard.

Eds tend to be very athletic and mature enjoying sports and music and generally being very good at both.

Eds as boyfriends are loving, sweet, great in bed, and not stingy when it comes to presents.

Although eds can be hotheaded, they are also hardworking, loyal and have an amazing sense of humour making them great friends to have.

"Hey who is that guy?"
"He's my friend Ed"
"Awh he must be cool"

"Ive got an amazing boyfriend called ed"
by KMON2492 April 18, 2009
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when someone calls you ed it means you're dumb or slow. Like special education
"Yo you play league? That's terrible"
"What are you saying! Have you ever even played before"
"Nah bro it's stupid"
"You're so Ed"
by Janey Dow February 18, 2015
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An internet word that defines almost anything at anytime.

Originates from the counter-strike player Meepins ! ED^^1Hst-X-saMa1g (Mike Wood)
1. I'm blind as ED^^.
2. You're paler than ED^^.
3. LoL i just got gayED^^.
4. ED^^.
by xeu April 01, 2009
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