(verb) to pee; to take a piss; to take a wiz; to take a tinkle

(noun) pee; piss; urine

a more useful application of than actual reference to the ~person~ Wiz Khalifa because who actually talks about the person?
Matt: “I’ll be back in 5.. gonna Wiz Khalifa.”
Jim: “Why do you need to say that? Just say you’re gonna take a piss.”

Joe: “Can you come with me to the bathroom? I have to take a Wiz Khalifa.”
Mike: “What are you a girl? Go by yourself.”
by ludis69420 June 14, 2020
When you take a piss and a shit at the same time. Because it comes out "Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow"
Dude, I just took a Wiz Khalifa. It was black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow...
by The ONE and ONLY Wisdom November 16, 2021
To take a piss on the side of a wall during a party while puffing on a joint.
Hold my drink bitch, i gotta take a Wiz Khalifa right quick.
by abehomie71 April 24, 2011
A hip-hop artist from Pittsburgh, Cameron Jibril Thomaz also known as Wiz Khalifa has released several albums under the Rostrum / Warner Brothers record label. Originally haling from Minot, North Dakota, Wiz is currently best known for his single "Say Yeah" which features the Alice Deejay instrumental "Better Off Alone".

Wiz Khalifa has released several albums and mix tapes to date:
* Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania (2005)
* Show and Prove (2006), Rostrum - debut album
* Grow Season (2007), Rostrum - mixtape
* Prince of the City 2 (2007), Rostrum - mixtape (2007)
Wiz Khalifa, the face of the Pittsburgh underground.

White Dude- "Hey, I heard that Wiz sared stage with Nas and Ghostface."

Hood Dude- "Chyeaaaaaa."
by Killa brides May 3, 2008
Once was a pretty good rapper, but sold out and now makes shitty radio music. All his shit sounds the same and he cant write a verse with out mentioning all the weed he smokes and all the hoes he fucks. The man lost respect and most of his "true fans" when he dropped black and yellow. Now his main fan base consists of 13-17 year old girls who are wanna be pot heads. Coulda been one of the best but i guess weed is more important to him
15 year old girl: OMG OMG I love Wiz Khalifa! Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow. Mom, what does "Reefer Mean?!"
by MarineBro April 29, 2011
1) To piss out a window atop the Burj Khalifa

2) A long, voluminous piss

3) Some piss-head rapper nobody cares about
1) #41 on my Bucket List: Take a wiz khalifa

2) Dude, I just took a wiz khalifa and the urinal overflowed a lil

3) Tom: Who is this Wiz Khalifa fella? Jimmy: Some skinny ass, pre-packaged stoner/skater rapper with more tattoos than most people have skin.
by DaPhunkeeFeel1 February 20, 2013