(Not to be confused with plain vanilla, though also derived from flavours of ice cream.) Sex between so-called "black" and "white" people. May also be used for a threesome or group sex where at least one of those participating has sex with "black" and "white" alike.
A: I hear Tracy got bored with the same old plain vanilla with Chris.
B: Yeah, chocolate and vanilla is much more her thing, when she can get it.
C: (listening in, confused) Yeah? That's funny .... I didn't think Tracy even LIKED ice cream!
by kofi June 30, 2003
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"So how was your day to day"?
- Oh it was chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. ( this means a REALLY bad day, because chocolate is not good, and chocolate sprinkles are a terrible addition.)

Vanilla is good
rainbow sprinkles make any day PERFECT
and frozen yogurt of either flavor is the worst day you've ever had

keep in mind you can use this in any situation- not just asking how someones day went.
"Chocolate or Vanilla"
by D18888 October 5, 2009
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When a crazy black woman becomes obsessed with a preppy white woman and starts stalking her. She calls her 'dandelion' and they become a chocolate and vanilla swirl
Crazy Eyes: I'm going to call you dandelion because they are pretty and yellow, just like you.
Piper: ooh, ohh *runs away*
Piper: hats going oh?
Guard: Closing the track
Piper: Why?
Guard: budget cuts, no staff to cover it
Piper: bug I have to run, its the only thing that makes me feel normal
Guard: y'all gonna have to do ya swirl some place else
Piper: swirl?
Crazy eyes: Chocolate and vanilla swirl!
by Ionlemonpoo September 19, 2014
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when a gay or straight man ejaculates in another mans booty while the man thats being ejaculated on creates fecies at the same time.
dude... i totally choclolate and vanilla puddinged carson last night.

frank was upset because he found out his lover chocolate and vanilla puddinged another man.
by shawty got dat sick mind March 7, 2009
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When a boy shits in a blender along with some of his cum. blends it up and gives it to his parner to drink.
Nick Jonas gave Miley Cyrus a Chocolate and Vanilla Smoothy and thats the only reason why she went out with him
by 555 your mother 555 February 24, 2009
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When you shit on your index and fiddle finger and then ejaculate on the same index and middle finger and then proceed to rub together these two ingredients to make the perfect Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl. The Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl is a tasty treat to enjoy by yourself or with friends. Most people prefer eating it directly off the fingers but you can also use a spoon if you choose.
Charlie has a Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl every night after his dinner.
by Bemo January 18, 2019
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it’s when two people are fucking one is a light bright and the other one is darkskin and he cums then bam he gave you the chocolate vanilla swirl
i dream about him giving me a chocolate and vanilla swirl every night
by sexeducator September 23, 2021
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