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The sweetest yet quietest girl you will meet. She has a complex vocabulary, and academic level, but can act completely stupid. She may seem like a mysterious girl but once you get to know her you world will be lit up because she looks so perfect standing right before you. If you ever meet a Belle make sure you don't let her go.
Guy 1: Dude I met this girl Belle today.

Guy 2: No way really
Guy 1: Yeah she and I are solid

Guy 2: Save some of the action for me!
by That_penguin_lol February 03, 2017
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"dude did you see belle down the hall?"
"hell yeah! she's fucking hot!!"
by 1rt3h1337 October 22, 2003
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The most beautiful girl you will ever see. She is very humble and very kind to everyone
Look at the Belle she is so beautiful
by Love of port June 16, 2018
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An absolutely amazing person inside and out. I love how I can go to you for advice on just about everything, and I especially love how non-judgmental you are, and how willing you are to listen to anyone and help them out with anything they are going through.

An amazingperson.
My best friend.
by - Liz January 21, 2012
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The most attractive, beautiful, hottest, coolest chick you will ever meet. Belle is trust worthy and always the friend to be there for you, but watch out she can be very wild especially at parties. Dont underestimate her for she is talented in every way possible. Belle has the most gorgeous smile in the world.
hey get Belle to come with us, she will get the party started
by random72 August 28, 2010
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She is the craziest most sweetest girl. I've ever met she is chill, calm, sexy, my kinda nerdy, and just that girl ha. She could easily be my future kids momma ha :). I love you taco belle :P you sexy ass!
Me+belle+alone= $exy time
by Suchovsky 94 January 09, 2013
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