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the opposite of a masterpiece.

if a masterpiece is considered a wonderful piece of work, a disasterpiece would be considered a piece of work so horrible the world may never be the same after its evil has destroyed the souls of millions.
Dan: hey this book is really good! What a masterpiece!

Sara: you're stupid, i hate you! i actually think its a disasterpiece.
by Milton The Monster April 30, 2008
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A popular song by Iowa 9-piece Slipknot. Opens with one of the most psychotic lyrics ever.
"I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound..."
by me January 29, 2005
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A movie that all the cast, crew, marketing people, studio executives think is a masterpiece, but actually turns out to be one of the shittiest pieces of cinema filth ever.
"Did you see Alexander?"

"Yeah, oh my god dude, what a disasterpiece!"

"But it looked so good!"

"It stank like Oliver Stone shat it out of a studio..."
by arel June 01, 2007
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Bill accidentally put his vacation snapshots in the sales presentation he gave to our executive team today. It was a total disasterpiece.
by ironyman47 July 12, 2011
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Something so bad that it goes full- circle and ends up back at the good side.
Yesterday's game was such a disasterpiece that I watched the tape in reverse to see if it would be less chaotic. Nope, it was equally whack both ways. The ending was a little better in reverse, though.
by anotherk February 22, 2007
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Any form of work put forth that is substandard or otherwise shitty.
"That assessment report I wrote for Dr. Kulb's class was a disasterpiece."
by suomi1321 December 03, 2014
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1. Any great work that is fraught with unfixed mistakes, bugs, bad decisions and lost potential.

2. A work so terrible (sometimes intentionally so) that it's actually hilarious or intriging, the opposite effect of modern art

3. A grand work or product design that taken a lot of effort to create (whether a movie, book, video game, a car model a government program, or a heavy tank) yet ends up being terribly received, then often discarded and half-forgotten.
1. Lost Alpha could have been the best STALKER mod there is if it weren't for some of the terrible choices the devs made. It's such a schenic, frustrating, beautiful, boring disasterpiece.

2. They took every cliché in the literature and then some, and added chainsaws and tornados, creating a hilarious, cringe-worthy disasterpiece you're gonna love or hate.

3. Porsche's disasterpiece of a heavy tank wasn't even through trials yet but he had already built 90 frames and engines, so the Wehrmacht slapped a huge gun on them and pushed the rolling scrapyards all the way to Kursk anyways in desperation.
by oron61 December 17, 2018
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