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Member of a slave tribe which originates from the Sharabi or Wobi districts in Sudan.
by Alia-Akram February 03, 2009
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An english slang term meaning different things in noun and verb sense.

1) Dinka, verb, this would be to go on a fairly pointless mission, for example drive 300 miles for a cup of tea and drive back.
2) Dinka, noun, this would refer to something of dubious but pleasurable nature, pornographic material for example.

The term is used reasonably loosely according to the speakers will at the time so may result in a number of variations.
Upon concluding the Sunday service, the Vicar was left at a loss as what to do with the rest of his day, as if by divine intervention, the Bishop arrived with some classy dinka DVD's.

Wasting no time and robes cast aside they dinka'd over to the vestry and spent the 7th day enjoying the fruits of mankind reproduced in telecinematic form.
by cyanidemoth November 11, 2005
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small, cute and fluffy similar to a the nicer pokemon.
A dinka is a wonderful thing to have.
something that you love and find sweet
by Heva Kipps May 01, 2005
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Two or more dinkus together. A group of people doing stupid things together.
Your whole family is retard, what a group of dinkas.
by mikejones205 February 06, 2010
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