A term that is commonly thrown around among preteen kids. I don't recall ANYTHING that is currently being listened to by these confused faggots is even considered "music". Who is "lil wayne"? Who is "Justin bieber?" Who is "Jason Derulo"? I'll tell you. These are egotistical cumshots who think "OH LOOK AT ME I CAN COMPOSE GOOD MUSIC." But in reality, no. The only people that listen to this bullshit are confused preteen girls, and faggots. All of you think you're cool, with your gay rap, music that takes no talent what so ever. You know what you need to do? You need to listen to some good music, then you can properly use the term "Good songs
Girl1: "yo, did u hear da new lil wayne album yo??? SHIT WUZ DOPE HE MAEKS GOOD SONGS YO"
Boy1: "No fuck off you tasteless piece of living garbage, you're music sucks and you're an asshole..."
by Lewk` December 14, 2009
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masturbation from a female perspective.
to whip cream
to ruffle the fur
to shoot men
to save babies by keeping them with the lord, our saviour
to scratch some vinyl
to make art great again
to baptise la vulve
Excuse me, dear, for being late. I was really stressed and had to write a good song before driving to the meeting. Much clearer now. And relaxed. Where were we?"
by Margarata November 02, 2020
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i want to fucc you and u have a phat ass
i like that song , when they reply to ur story and say thats a good song it menas they want to do anal
by therealslimshady1234563221 December 30, 2020
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