when the hand of god comes down from heaven to stop motherfuckin bullets
by jules October 12, 2003
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When a miracle happens. When the hand of God reaches down and saves someone from a life threatening or dangerous situation.
When someone is placed in the right place at the right time to be a catalyst for someone in need, when the person in need may have been in angst about how they would get through a certain situation.
It has nothing to do with sports.
When I was sick, and didn't know how I was going to get by, or eat- get medicine, and someone was anonymously inspired to slip assistance under my door, or bring me food or take me to a doctor.

Missing any form of transportation you were supposed to be on, and discovering it was in a terrible accident, or driving a different way to work/school, or where ever you were to go and missing a major accident.
Those who were running late or stopped to do something else, or were scheduled to be out of the office on 9/11- any scenario when a life or injury was spared because of out of the norm circumstances. To me these are more plausible examples of divine intervention.
by akak8ty July 30, 2006
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The belief that a heavenly being will interfere in human situations so bad that nothing but an act of God could change the outcome for the better.
Now, the Browns winning the SuperBowl - that would take some <i>serious</i> divine intervention.
by LittleNuccio July 6, 2005
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If I Wanted To Create A Lot Of Lag And Send It To A Persons I.P. Address, I Would Use Divine Intervention.
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by StillFallin.tk August 25, 2006
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a sweet 2D shooter game. go to
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madsweet shooter
by cul June 27, 2004
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a mad sweet shooter game. go to qarcade.com to play.
yo, i beasted up divine intervention yesterday.
by cul June 27, 2004
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When god makes something happen. A prime example is when in the 2001/02 season when west brom had to win at bradford in the 2nd last game of the season to be in the front seat for promotion ahead of deadly rivals wolves. We never really looked like scoring, but then out of knowhere, the ball was hoofed into the box, and bob taylor was fouled and we had a penalty!! Igor balis slotted it way and we went up next weekend. Cheers god, I owe you one.
You couldn't have written a bettewr script for the last day

I believe divine intervention scored that penalty
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