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describes a thing, or performing an act of high success or quality, like saying "a belter"
"I smacked him a dillion"
by Stuart Little March 24, 2005
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n. Another word for male genitalia (i.e. penis)
I zipped up my pants too quickly and caught my dillion in the zipper.
by Nick Lane May 04, 2005
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A guy around 6,2 or 6,3 usually hilarious can always make you laugh and always has a smile on his face.
The person that LOVES to do crazy thigs and could possibly always get you in trouble but you still love him.
Just a great person.
And did i mention hes probaly incredibly sexy too.
Dillion known as the funny one
by blue eyes 101 May 18, 2009
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An ambiguous number equivalent to any of the numbers in the range between 10 and 15.
I'm going to drink a dillion beers tonight.
by Jonaman January 05, 2012
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An arbitrary unit of measurement that is only used in reference to male genitalia.
I was at this party the other night, which was pretty much a sausage fest, and everybody was going commando. I think I saw at least one dillion dicks that night!
by Buster T. Foodcube May 24, 2010
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Phrase uttered by Glaswegian neds (see Ned) to express a variety of emotions / impluses / thoughts (if thinking is possible when strung out on Schweeties) including:
1) punch / beat up someone
2) indicate admiration for a female or car or fish supper.
3) indicate an extreme degree of the succeeding adjective / verb / noun.
Commonly preceeded by the word "pure".
First know use circa 1995 in a chippie in Maryhill Road - "Joahnny, dillion him" - now a common ned word used in any number of situations.
As in...
1) Ah'm gonnae pure dillion you, ya fuckin' dobbur!
2) Check oot that bird Donna-Marie, sheeza pure dillion - or - haw haw look at that E.V.O. (i.e. Mitsubishi evo) itza pure dillion. - or - haw brullyint, this chippie does a pure dillion roll and chip wi buckie, no?
3) You're a pure dillion bawbag. - or - haw they versace trackies are pure dillions - or - ah pure love Donna-Marie's sovvy rings, they're pure dillions.

Etc. etc.
by Esteban Tuero June 04, 2004
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