Anime consisting of alien girls in cat costumes who over use strange words such as nyo, nyu, and gema.
by PaTMaN October 6, 2003
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A Typo, often times quite funny.
He pulled a Digi!

A Digism
by SSJDigimon July 17, 2003
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That one dope kid that is always happy and doesn’t care about stuff that he can’t control. Gets along with everyone even tho he’s into intellectual hobbies.You’ll typically find him playing Nintendo games. Different from a regular gamer because he showers but still exclusively eats only the finest McDonald’s chicken nuggets.He knows every Pokémon/beyblade.
Jeremy: Did you hear Jordan got accepted into Harvard,NBA, and got mad bitches.

Lisa: Yeah of course he’s a digi-chad
by Cockblastof09 April 12, 2022
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The tool used by the Marine Corps when they want to fuck you royally in the ass. Origionally the Big Green Weenie, it has evolved like the cammies Into the Digital Era.
Ben: Dude I tried to bone this girl in the room last night but duty came in and cockblocked!!

Rusty: Aww man you got the Digi Dildo dude, how's your ass feel?
by The One And Only!! February 21, 2008
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Brand new photographer in the business, shooting for free and giving a way a CD of "edited images" in order to "build my portfolio."
I have at least a dozen digi-whores within a five mile radius of my studio. Three of them Grouponed themselves right out of business the first year, the rest are just street walking their way into bankruptcy.
by NSP33 February 15, 2014
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An annoying line in a silly song which you find yourself continually humming/singing/yelling at inappropriate times
"I'd be dum-digi-digi-digi-di-dum-dum--dum-digy-digy-di-dumdum.....oh i'm in a meeting and being an arse!"
by Squelch August 23, 2004
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Digi Rhymes is a genre of music originated in early 2000 in Mississauga, Ontario Canada by "Sheraz Siddiqui Aka Dude". Original idea came from number “0”, “1” and a verse that leads to Rap and Electronic music creation, where you can explain your real life stories with flow, clean lyrical contents, quality, substance and electronic music.

Digi Rhymes includes:
1. Flow
2. Clean lyrical contents
3. Quality

4. Substance
5. Electronic Music
by TheHoax123 September 12, 2011
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