Slang term for cocaine used in peaky blinders in the 20th century.
Arthur you gotta stop using tokyo
by Mistry.aaaaaaa January 14, 2018
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Old English slang for Cocaine that was used around the 1920's.
''I tried tokyo last night, wasn't quite as i expected''
by VoodooChille January 24, 2018
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In every damn anime or Japanese show, this city is always destroyed either by (a) Godzilla, (b) some other mutant or demon, (c) a freak natural disaster, (d) some sort of evil spiritual energy, (e) mecha, or (f) some evil madman.
In the year 3324, Tokyo was hit by yet another demonic entity that levelled the city for the 401,000,267,459,350,198th time.
by sheesh September 24, 2003
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1) MOST EXPENSIVE place to live in Asia
2) Largest city and capital of Japan
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
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World's busiest city,neon lights, hip cats, mega towers, and a rowdy subway.
Biggest, funkiest, most thrilling place in the East
by Blonde at heart November 12, 2003
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When something's tokyo, you'll know.
She is soooooo tokyo.
I am toked out.
I love that shirt, it's SOOO tokyo!
by TokyoHicks October 30, 2010
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Neon lights, a subway faster than the speed of light, kitshy school girls and boys looking for America. Tokyo Tower,
Shubuya and the concrete of Japan.
by London to Tokyo to Madrid November 7, 2003
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