Verb: To contact electronically. (aka Text, email, phone {notably cellular phone}, IM, Twitter, Myspace, etc.).

Noun: An electronic communication {most notably from one of the forms listed above or in kind.}
Digi me if you wanna hang later. ; Send a digi when you get that new Johnny McGovern CD.
by Telon Seer June 21, 2010
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Also known as a p9 top rated real nigga

Weakness hoe bitches
E pave digi shaum kec isht zalub
by Merkrow September 23, 2019
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One who makes many typos.
"*screws like a little girl and faints*"
by Izzy July 19, 2003
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one who has to bitch and wine and make their own drama
Zed: I can't believe I have to work tonite.

NED: Quit being such a fuckin Digi
by Kurtis Kogan August 14, 2007
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Hitting the # key on the phone as a means of giving a "person to person" fist pound.
"That's hysterical! Digi#"
by icwish June 29, 2009
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Another name for pcp.
commonly used by the Wu-Tang Clan.
More so used by the RZA aka Bobby Digital.
"Wu-Tang Clan;Protect Ya' Neck(The Jump Off):
Method Man,"..Who Dont pay they bills on time and fuck with digital"
by Sanjurjo August 22, 2006
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I took this picture with my new digi.
by Yashar April 13, 2005
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