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Di-jee-goth: A Digi-goth is a person who spends most of their time inside sitting on a computer doing mindless meaningless tasks like playing World of Warcraft. Digi-Goths usually don't have many friends which is why they play MMORPG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). These huge online environments are great places for people who are unable, in the real world, to find companionship. While they do find it cool to be different from everyone else by trying to gross out people by doing things like pretending to vomit, they will also try and fit in with more popular groups at school by wearing the clothes that everyone else wears. Most Digi-Goths are overweight so when they try to wear tighter clothing which can be a little nauseating. They will try to fit in with everyone else by wearing prep clothes, skater clothes, or anything else that happens to be popular. Essentially a "digi-goth" is a "goth" subcategory. They differ from their gothic origins by a hybridization with a group known as the animos. This combination with animos comes from an obsession with video games and Japanese culture. This obsession always leads to an addiction to Japanese animated pornography (hentai). Digi-goths find it cool to have computer parts all over their bedroom. Stupid things like having two monitors or having stickers on their computer is something they use to compensate for lack of other qualities like being in shape or having personality. Digi-goths are people to be mocked and ridiculed. If you feel the need to make fun of one, PLEASE FOR YOU OWN SANITY, MAKE THAT KID FEEL LIKE THEY ARE WORTHLESS!
Man 1: Hey I just ran into some kid who was trying to dress and act exactly like me.

Man 2: Like a skater, what did you do?

Man 1: Well, nothing at first, but then he starting following me and talking about how he was 2 computer monitors and new video games.

Man 2: Oh, that's a Digi-Goth, did you make fun of him?

Man 1: Yeah, he was overweight so i told him to lose some weight because every time he turned around his boobs took out Tokyo.

by Scott Richwine January 15, 2009
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