A customizable spinning battle top (or "high preformance") with a spin blade base, spin gear, weight disk, attack ring, aqnd usually a but chip with a bit-beast used in a beystadium against other beyblade. It is also a show about some kids who beyblade called the baldebreakers. Kai is the hottest ^_^
Kai totally beat Tyson's Dragoon with his new DM Dranzer Beyblade!
by Allison Bass December 01, 2003
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Wacky japanese trash on Saturday morning TV which involves intense, action packed, non-stop SPINNING TOP BATTLES. SPINNING TOP BATTLES. SPINNING. TOP. BATTLES.
"Hyyyaaaa! Go spinning top! Do your wirlwind attack!" *spinning top listens somehow, and does the attack* "Yeyyy! I won!" *starts jacking off*
by Rock` April 23, 2003
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A rip-cord powered spinning to, which has established a place in the market as a hip new toy by means of an incomprehensable cartoon.
I used to like pokemon so much I had to buld an extention to my house to keep the merchandise in, but no I don't like that anymore, coz' Batblad is cewl!
by I know! February 10, 2004
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When having sex laying down, you go on top, and with your member still inside her, spin yourself all the way round like a spinning top.
-So I'm seeing my new girlfriend tomorrow.
by Icanseeinvinciblepeople December 15, 2010
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1. Just when you thought Americans were all over generating cash from making their own fake Anime, Canada decided to join in on the fun.

2. The ultimate money-making scheme: The same old tops as before, just this time they fight each other. And come in pieces so you have to buy more.
1. Beyblade is made and produced in Toronto, a city in Canada. It is not Japanese or Anime or cool.

2. OMGZ!!!11!!11!!1 MAI TOP IZ BEETIN YURZ!!!111!!!11 NOW i ADDZ DA OMGLOL PEISE 2 END DIS BATTEL 1NCE & 4 ALLL!!!!111!!11!!1eleventy-one
by Kanthia January 04, 2006
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Where you just let a fart rip as loud as you can
There was a rude person so you just went beyblade right beside them and they look at you like your a monster but you was just getting back at their rude behavior.
by Koopadragon1 August 23, 2017
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