Digi (digicore) is known as one of the most amazing ,perfect and funniest people in the world..hes very caring and always has your back and if you need someone to talk to hes always there ..makes ur day so much better 1 msg from him literally will change your day up and make you have a smile on ur face .. honestly deserves the world!!!! >_< ( digi#9057 )
i love digi so much , digi is mine and he deserves the world!!
by his ❤️ April 30, 2021
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Digital friends.

People from around the world that you otherwise would never have ever gotten to know without the miracle of online communication.
All my best friends are Digies who live inside the internetz.
by ElGranto June 11, 2011
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a word meaning digital camera
used mostly by 6th graders who have myspaces
sometimes used by freshmen who get straight a's

whitegirl: omg im like so looking foward to his party
whitegirl2: omg i know, like i hear there's gona be hugging there
whitegirl:hugging?!? omg!!!! that's like supper sensual,
i'll totally like bring my digi to take pictures
whitegirl2: yeah like yeah. omg like you should. so we can catch those sluts on film
whitegir: like yeah
by mia fo dizzle June 15, 2007
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a digi is a cadavers feelings of inadequecy
the cadaver is feeling quite digi today
by rupert January 18, 2005
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The internet version of the Sugar Daddy. He provides for his ladies via PayPal after she expresses her needs on social media.
I hope my Digi Daddy sees my tweet about needing new clothes.
by J_Sqweezy December 6, 2015
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A digital Cunt
What you call a someone who is a Cunt online
by Lamborghini.18 March 21, 2019
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Anime consisting of alien girls in cat costumes who over use strange words such as nyo, nyu, and gema.
by PaTMaN October 6, 2003
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