A lady (often quite large,) that prefers the (very) close company of other ladies, known as femmes. Regularly seen wearing a lumberjack shirt, boots and dungarees/bib & braces overalls.

Origin: Due to the normal extreme mass of these 'ladies,' it has often been assumed that locomotion could only be facilitated with the assistance of a powerful Diesel engine.

See also Clamjouster, Mingeeta, Plaid-clad Whale and Rugmuncher

Source: Cutaway, Aug 9, 2004 "Dieseldyke"
Said at the A&E Dept, "I hope you've learnt from that young man, never get between that Diesel and her Femme !"
by cutaway October 28, 2004
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A woman who thinks that she's a man. Well she doesn't really think it; she is a man in the inside. Diesel dykes make better 'men' than actual men. They're the only toughest group of people out there who aren't homophobic and think low of gay men - well they're lesbians anyway.

Most of the definitions in here seem to diss the diesels.

Diesel dykes are really quiet, relaxed and chilled, like that laidback guy (see bulldyke for the always-rude, bitter lesbians that hate the world).

They fight you only if you are rude to them - their aggressiveness is for good reasons (against homophobia, jerks, etc). They mostly think that they're one of the dudes - 'sup Harris, how ya doin' brother?'.

They are usually in small town bars and are truck drivers.

Just like how effeminate gay men make good friends with women, diesel dykes are perfected with the straight man.
Angry diesel dyke: Suck my dick you fucking prick. I will fucking kick your balls in if you touch my shenis, cunt. Ah...wanna take it outside? Let's go you little fuck.

Nice diesel dyke: Hey what's happening bro? How is your lovely wife Amelia? Oh it's so lovely to see you buddy. Want a beer dude? Cheers man! Gotta take a piss dude as my bladder is full of it *scratches vagina, off to the toilet*

Nice diesel: A brother is always there for you *thumps hand to heart*. I love you bud. You're a bro over a ho man. *hugs the male BFF*

Angry diesel: Homophobes should fucking die. No one messes with the LGBT community. I'd rip their fucking heads off with my mighty shenis!

Horny diesel: Fuck this bitch makes my testes explode. I'd shove my 8 inch dildo up her ass anytime until she squirts all over my girl penis.

Youse just the see ANGRY side of them.
by avialae March 20, 2013
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A woman who is lesbian, usually found with short hair and big muscles
Gym Coaches are diesel dykes.
by AdingtonWitter August 4, 2003
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A lesbian trucker who is often unattractive sporting a butch haircut, broad shoulders, chain drive wallet, tattoos, flannel shirt, blue jeans and a tire knocker, often missing one or more front teeth as a result of bar room brawling.
Mr. Public's wife used to be cute but she changed after she had a few kids. She chopped her hair, got tattoos and started hanging out with all her lesbian friends at the truck stop, she turned into a diesel dyke.
by Jolly Roger August 17, 2004
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A lesbian who makes a considerable effort to look as unattractive to men as possible. Often wears dungarees. Very much at home under the bonnet with a spanner.
That diesel dyke fair frightens the hell out of me
by rexie September 15, 2003
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1. A dominant lesbian; a bull-dyke. Usually has short hair or mullet and dresses in male clothing or dungarees. Her opposite number is the "femme" or "baby doll". (Primarily West Coast usage circa 1950s)

2. Large and/or muscular female of the homosexual persuasion. Many are into rough sex with other dykes, and drive trucks & ride motorcycles. A very "butch" woman.
Reportedly, the actress Tallulah Bankhead had a hankering for diesel-dykes and it opened her up to blackmail by the L.A. mob, which was one reason her movie career never took over.
by Tummy AuGratin February 26, 2006
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The kind of lesbian women who is stronger and tougher then most men.
That diesel dyke knocked that guy out cold.
by Anonymous May 5, 2003
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