A beautiful girl who is has beauty as well as the brains. She is loved by everyone and very easy to get along with. She loves her friends and family more than anything else. She is one of those girls you will look at and say 'God, i wish i was her'. She always has a gleaming smile. She is an incredibly strong individual. She can be boss at times but it's only because she knows want she wants. She will become extremely successful one day. Boys drool over her. She is shy but boy can she become a sexy beast sometimes. Tallulahs also gives the best hugs. She's the definition of perfect
Gurl 1 'Oh she's perfect'
Gurl 2 'of course, she's a Tallulah
by xoxo_gossipgirl101 March 13, 2012
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Coolest most awesome person you will ever meet. Super hot and kind, makes you sooo happy. So fun and nice to hang out with! Loves rap and super pretty and can gossip. All of the boys drool over Tallulah. If you are lucky enough to date Tallulah, you will have the best life ever! Tallulah loves to laugh and make you laugh! She can be a sexy beast when you go out with Tallulah. Tallulah also gives the best hugs!
Boy :Omg Tallulah is so cute
Other boy : You just realized that?!
by DaSavage21 January 6, 2018
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Tallulah is a very outgoing person. She is highly attractive and that's why she is despised by a lot of females. She can meet anyone and hold a conversation with them. She is very expressive. Many may sometimes think she is shy because she holds back on some things she say to keep from hurting people's feelings. She does that because she speaks her mind and everything that comes out will sound very offensive but she does not mean to be unless she has a reason to be. She will not easily give up sex. She has to really really like a guy in order for them to be with her sexually. She does Not go around and give fellatios. She is not a fan of fellatios. Sorry guys somebody lied to you all. She loves money and will work for it. She loves to talk and is willing to help anyone she can. Yes she's loyal to the One man in her life. Overall Tallulah is pretty, loving, outgoing, talkative, & loyal.
Tallulah is defined Best as being pretty loyal outgoing and fun to around.
by Layla_Lovelady March 5, 2017
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The coolest name ever. Originally of native north american origin. Meaning laughs like a river, bubbling stream.
Hey, what's your name?
Sorry, what?
That's a ledge of a name!
by Taliboombastic June 26, 2011
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TALLULAH IS AWSOME. She is the funniest person you will ever know. You should be lucky to even be friends with her
Person1: Why are you crying laughing?
Person 2: because Tallulah made the funniest joke so now I’m legit shitting myself !
by Secretttttttt23 November 13, 2019
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Tallulah is the name for a girl who is any of these :
Sexy, curly haired, big booty petite, great sense of humor passionate, and dirty . She'll be up for a party and is one of the greatest friends you could have. (bit unreliable)
A 'Hey, whos comig over today'

B ' Oh just.... Tallulah'

A 'Woah I cant wait!'
by picadillyprostitute October 22, 2010
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Tallulah is the pengest peng in the ends, she always knows how to make you smile because she’s so funny & kind. She has a fat back and guys droul over her, most likely will always have a boyfriend, so if she catches feelings for you, my friend are you lucky, Tallulah is the most loved person that you’ll ever know
Woahh her back looks fat
Ik, I wish I could be Tallulah
by Fluffyrainbowpanda April 11, 2018
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