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A truckers term for a roadside rest area where homosexual activity and prostitution occur.
10-4 good buddy, you just pull off into the next pickle park and I'll show you good buddy.
by Jolly Roger March 14, 2004

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A term that back in the 70's meant someone on the other end of a CB radio communications that you were on good terms with and since then has morphed into meaning homosexual trucker.
1) Thats a big 10-4 good buddy, it's time to put the hammer down. 2) Roger that good buddy, I'm in the back row of the Flying J and am ready to play meat puppets.
by Jolly Roger March 15, 2004

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1) Having no impurities.
2) To be 100% authentic.
3) To be undiluted.
lab analysis revealed the substance to be 100% pure cocaine.
by Jolly Roger March 24, 2004

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Another word for bullshit
The idea that nobody but Alex Jones knew that muslim terrorists were planning to fly jumbo-jets into the World trade Center is absolute bovine scatology.
by Jolly Roger March 22, 2004

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The literal interpretation of the term Zanbatour is "horse-slaying sword." This is the term for a sword used during the japanese feudal era. It was intended to remove a cavalryman's horse from underneath him by "slaying" it in one fell swoop. However, due to its massive size its was determined ineffective in combat and its use was therefore abandoned.
The zanbatou is a formidable weapon.
by Jolly Roger December 06, 2003

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Female golfers or the LGPA tour
Those dykes on spikes played better than the men on the mid and short game.
by Jolly Roger April 02, 2004

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A fictional creature that lives aboard naval vessels and whom you send those who are new to the boat to go and stand watch for at 3am.
Airman Wiles was given a bogus watch looking for sea bats when he could have been sleeping as sort of a hazing.
by Jolly Roger March 24, 2004

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