Person who wears a mask during a pandemic without covering their nose and looks like a penis hanging over the underwear.
Look at that jackass with a dicknose at the grocery store.
by AHuge August 7, 2020
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Person whose nose is exposed outside the mask he wears to avoid exposure to corona virus.
Can you believe what a dicknose that guy is for wearing his mask below his nose.
by Fish77 July 24, 2020
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A person who does not take helpful advice and fails due to being hard headed.
by The 1 who gotcha April 7, 2017
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1. An individual who behaves like an asshole or is a pain in the ass.
2. Someone whose nose is shaped like a penis.
1. "Go fuck yourself, dicknose!"
2. That guy has a dicknose just like his father's.
by Simon January 26, 2003
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someone who is excedingly stupid and oblivious to the obvious
(in movie theatre) "wow, did you see that?"
"No dicknose, i just payed nine dollars to sit here and stare at the ceiling"
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A term used to describe a friend or enemy whose nose is bulbous on the end.
Jonny: "Have you seen Doug lately?"
Samuel: "Uh which one is Doug again?"
Jonny: "The fat guy with the dicknose."
Samuel: "Oh yeah, super nice guy!"
by BING-CHONG The 1st December 6, 2010
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(n) The subject of a colloquial insult which is rarely based on fact, meaning a person with a dick in place of a nose, or vice-versa.
"Guess again, dicknose!" - Donald Fagen
by crackotfige September 4, 2005
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