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The essence of dick
Scotty: Hayley totally wanted to blow me, but she already blew Kemper like an hour ago, so I denied her because I didn't want his dickness all up on my cock.
by KemperHoeDoes April 18, 2011
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Term to describe teenage boy's obession with their penis.
It's too big for my hand!
It's longer than my foot!
It's so big you need two hands to put around it!
Mines bigger than yours!
Mines so big it won't fit into a girl!
It's so chunky you could carve it!
HAHA look at the dick on the page, such dickness!

My drawing of my dicks better than yours!
by falic cymble April 23, 2010
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1. The state or quality of being a dick.
2. The property of being without heart, devoid of passion or feeling.
3. The quality of being difficult to get along with.
4. excessive sterness, harshness or severity of character.
He really liked her and she screwed up.

I heard that he was a dick to her.

Yeah, becasue of his dickness he missed out on a good thing.
by nick April 07, 2005
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The relative girth of a man's erect penis.
Jenna: Did you see the dickness on that man? Oh boy, that thing was thick!!
Alexa: Oh yeah, that really packed a punch.
by LnPproductions March 12, 2018
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