1. to shoot in the face by accident

2. to shoot in the face.
And in the last scene of Scorcese's Oscar-winning The Departed, Mark Wahlberg Dick Cheneys Matt Damon.
by LinusUrgo July 10, 2008
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(Noun) An individual who drinks, plays with guns, and regularly takes women other than his wife to the woods. Frequently gets arrested for DUI and has been known to shoot people. Once elected to be Vice President of the Us US after much fraud in Ohio. Once appointed by the Supreme Court after much fraud in Florida. Has had his heart jump-started more times than a defective battery in an old Yugo. An all around American role model for conservative ass-maggots. Looks suspiciously like a freshly circumsized penis. Rumored to be Rush Limbaugh's secret gay lover. Currently using President George W. Bush as an ass puppet. Reportedly neck deep in Halliburton-related Iraq-rebuilding contract corruption. His alleged nickname within the administration is "Bigtime." He has a lesbian daughter.
"Due to frustrations over his bad heart, flaming lesbian daughter, rampant alcoholism, crumbling marriage, public accusations of corruption, and relationship with Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney finally lost it and blasted his long-time hunting partner with a 28-gauge shotgun early this February."
by Blenderhead February 22, 2006
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The most evil and hideous (and bald) vice president ever. Oh that's great, we have George W. as President who is very dumb and second in command is this DICK "HEAD" CHENEY.

He is truly the root of all evil in America today.
George to Dick: I'm with Satan

Dick to George: I'm with Stupid
by I Hate Conformists April 19, 2005
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A dark embodiment of soul-less evil, that is hell bent on ruling the world.
"Dude, I heard that Dick Cheney sucked someone's soul out for looking him in the eye."
by XthePirate April 28, 2007
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verb; to pepper a fellow human in the face with birdshot.
man #1: You dirty bastard, I'm gonna go Dick Cheney on your ass!

man #2: No, that'll hurt like hell. I'm sorry!
by cheneyshotaguy February 14, 2006
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Proof that W likes men with cold hands. Has heart attacks daily, but is still vigorously fucks the American retards that elected him. Maybe if he had some of the petroleum in his veins replaced with actual blood his ticker would behave itself.
Dick Cheney needs a jack-in-the-box. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doodoo-doo-doo...POP!!!
by nomorebushpleasegodnomorebush December 08, 2003
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