be in command (of yourself ) = to be calm and completely in control of your behavior and emotions
In addition to the flight review, to act as pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers,
by November 18, 2013
Wanting To do something and doing it when you want to
I can sit on command
by Dexco January 15, 2018
superior to commander, however often overshadowed by commander commander commander.
"I am the commander here"
"Oh really? I'm the commander commander!"
"Sorry for disrespecting you, commander commander."
by notarealperson111 January 31, 2021
When the sexiest girl in the holiday group (harriet) rides you like theres no tomorrow.
'hey dude, i went napa and got the commander off harriet pope!'
'wow dude! you're so lucky thats my dream!!'
by haribobo January 18, 2012
someone who dictates among the rest, even tho they are all equal.
so i was with the commander, and once she didn't want to go one did.
by Riley Fresh March 10, 2009
One who commands, dictates, and gives orders of what will be done. This person does not care if you want to participate or not.
The commander told me to be at the party at exactly 5pm sharp, and demanded I eat even though I wasn’t hungry. Doesn’t he know we are all created equal? He is so bossy.
by the trombone April 7, 2019