When a man gives it so good to a woman that she wants, craves, & would do anything to have that Dick again & again!!!
Steve, you made my pussy Dick whipped. & no other Dick can satisfy it now.
by Friend2u January 3, 2017
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A mental state of obsession, originating from powerful, deeply satisfying sexual interactions that cause a woman with a weak mind to believe that she is in love. An emotional state where a woman is crazy about and strongly attached to a male based on the sex he "whips" on her, to the point that even a dude with nothing to offer, who mistreats and emotionally/mentally/physically abuses her, and who has no good sense will still be loved by this woman because of the sex. No matter how raggedy ass he is, she still wants to be with him anyway.
Sherry knows that dude she is messing with cheats on her and lies every chance he gets, but she ain't going nowhere cause she is dick whipped like a mofo.
by Debsterism October 12, 2016
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similar to pussy whipped , however with the rolls reversed. the girl will do anything asked/commanded by the guy.
she is so dick whipped by dakota, he has her trained to feed him on command.
by .N.P.H. December 5, 2009
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1. When the man has a control over the relationship.
2.When a female does anything the males says to do
3. Whne the sex is real good
1. My gurl in check, I got her dick- whipped.
2. Damn i don't know why but dis boy got me dick- whipped.
3. The way we have sex makes me fall in love, he got me straight dick- whipped.
by Ms queenbee April 1, 2006
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woman controlled by her man
The woman was dick whipped by her man and his big penis.
by Pixie November 24, 2003
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when a man controls the relationship and the girl does anything the man wants her to.
jenni is dick whipped
by un_known August 17, 2007
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Woman who goes crazy about her man and would do anything to prove that she loves him.
dick whipped girl:(gives guy a gift for valentines day)
guy:(takes it) o dam i forgot it was valentines day
girl: what?(cry)
guy: hey why r u crying i thought u loved me?
girl: i do
guy: Fucking LIAR prove it
(they fuck and they are both happy again)
by dont_worry August 19, 2007
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