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(n) office bike (applicable to either gender)
"That new girl on the fifth floor is a right marto. She had eight blokes at her last firm and most of them had girlfriends....."
by Pixie November 5, 2003
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poopy farts; wet gas, known to stain your underwear and may require you to wipe.
that burrito gave me mud bubbles.
by Pixie February 14, 2004
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The best possible friend in the world. She makes you laugh when you're feeling down. She is great at baking and doing hair. She never tidies her room. She is sweet and kind and very pretty. She loves animals, especially horses, and she is gentle and loving. She is also fun and playful and has a great sense of humour.
"She's such a taio"
by Pixie May 27, 2014
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my definition is someone who likes "grunge" (which started out as a fusion of heavy metal and punk rock)music, and as a general rule wears baggy clothes and as people who seem to knw what their talking about pointed out, some "grunger" girls will dress in a more riot grrl style(riot grrl being a sorta political/feminist spin-off of grunge is my understanding),also,i could be called a grunger but me and my friends are some of the girliest girls i know!.although i have critisisms of townies/townie music, i dont see the point in pigeonholing a whole group(townie OR grunger)as i have townie friends who are just as nice as anyone else, as well as knowing some EVIL "grungers"(and some townie music isnt CRAP, i just dont like it)i think people do this to try and strengthen their own alliance to a group.but id like to point out im not convinced by all this "im just me,im above labels" stuff, it just seems pretty phoney and stuck up to me.thank you.pixie
"ooh theres a grunger, lets shout verbal abuse, we got nothin better to do innit"
"ooh im such a grunger, i wear black"
"ooh im so mature and superior since i grew out of my grunger phrase"
by Pixie January 19, 2004
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I'm so jaded...
by Pixie March 30, 2004
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1. An exclamation of joy or happiness. More than just fun.
2. A sarcastic remark.
1. You are going to the mall?! Sounds fun fun!
2. Oh joy. A math test. Fun fun.
by Pixie April 24, 2005
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