a protein pancreatic hormone secreted by the islets of Langerhans that is essential especially for the metabolism of carbohydrates and is used in the treatment and control of diabetes mellitus
I sure could go for a insulin shot right about now. Seriously, I need one. Help me!
by HappyHenry35 March 15, 2004
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a natural chemical your pancreas creates to regulate your blood sugars
if you eat pixie sticks you pacreas is going to have to work harder, if it doesn't work you have to take insulin injection
by n333m August 31, 2004
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a wonderful drug that is injected into fatty areas in people with gimpy pancreases/pancreai.
my pancrease does not work...alas, i must inject some insulin into my ass.
by rachessi October 16, 2005
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An amazing little machine that I could not live without. What does it do you wonder? It pumps insulin, hence the name INSULIN PUMP. It for when you have type one diabetes, and the only downers are changing your set (where the insulin actually goes in) and having to bring it with you everywhere. And they cost $4000.
I would probably be dead by now without my insulin pump, I suck at taking care of my diabetes, mostly because its a pain in the ass.
by c-ross May 16, 2007
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For those whores who make their own insulin, and spend days on end sluttily rolling around in free insulin.
You know that non-diabetic bitch Rebecca?” “Yeah, she’s an insulin slut.”
by ARealActualHumanPerson September 18, 2020
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The opposite of a sugar daddy. A man so broke he costs you money to date.
If my insulin daddy weren't so hot, I would drop his ass. I have to pick up the tab every time.
by trouserminnow February 3, 2015
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Diabetics eat all the sugar they can and all collectively take insulin together #rideordie
You goin to the insulin party tonight Chad?
by Mliv March 16, 2020
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