If u got a type 1 you are a unlucky bastard like me. Taking insulin every day wants you to chop your legs off or wherever you are taking it. People love making jokes of it. It is indeed funny unitil you feel the pain.

In short: its a disease where your pancreas die even if you pray to god bcs he doesn't care about you or if i ask my parents why did god pick me they say: "oh honey i don't know sure it will get better later in life if you pray to god. NOW GO TO THE FUCKING CHURCH".

Have a good day, my isn't
Person 1:omg there is so much sugar in that meal
Person 2: i bet its a tutorial how to get diabetes lol
by Mljek December 16, 2018
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If you have type one diabetes your beautiful and god was sooooo jealous he took your pancreas

Another reason:your pancreas just could stand your beauty
Hooman:wow your beautiful

You:I have type one diabetes
Hooman:I wish I did😭😟
by I'm not weird November 28, 2019
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Diabetes is a disease that either means you take tablets or you have injections everyday around 4-5 times everyday. You also have to prick your finger and put it on a strip. It is NOT contagious or disgusting. I have diabetes and i am proud to say that I have it and if any one is mean to me about it, I don't care because I've had it since a young age and it just makes me and diabetic people stronger!
I have diabetes and need injections.
by Katrina74 October 05, 2017
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Diabetes: their is two main types type one, and type two type two is mostly seen in obese people which is where your body is two large to produce enough of a hormone called insulin your body needs to turn food into energy. Type one is seen in two out of a thousand people. It is when your body attacks a part of the body called the pancreas, which makes a hormone insulin in your body that turns food you eat into sugar or in other words the food turns to energy with out that hormone your body gets very sick and you can possibly die! But with the help of fake insulin which is what's in the pancreas to turn food to energy people with type one can live a HAPPY life! Type two on the other hand they need to loose lots of weight and get fit to help them out.
Doctor says My dear you have type one diabetes.
by Maybell rain August 03, 2019
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Its sucks you have to take 2 typses of needles inuslen and long acting u arnt fat its just the world hates u and if diabetes is though dont eat food with out inuslen promes me i did that and it sucked i was in the 30s of blood sugar i was barfing none stop and ingnior people who are like oh no u cant eat sugar and like rub in ur face case it also has cool powers like u can say ur a robot if u have a pump or u can say i have low blood sugar i need to get out of class and u canget blind owo
Orion Hi i have diabetes karen ack get a way from me u wwilll give me it and u cant eat candy "eats scoopysnacks" Orion uhh yes i can idoit
by OrionDiabeteskid September 05, 2019
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One of the best diseases out there! Cause when you become diabetic you get a indestructible pancreas that everyone is jealous of mann!
+Plus you get to freak people out, make them think your on heroin, when they ask "OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!"
+And...if class gets super boring..you can scare the teacher by saying "IM REALLY LOW I HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW TO GET JUICE BEFORE I PASS OUT" and then go to the soda machine fore 20 mins and get some food while everyone else sits in class.
Or if you forgot to study for a test..you can leave for that reason too. :
teacher:"its time to take a test"
kidd with diabetes:"IM LOW! BYE!"
*diabetic exits without fuss with teacher in 5 second FLAT*
by Diana Dz May 20, 2008
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