Its sucks you have to take 2 typses of needles inuslen and long acting u arnt fat its just the world hates u and if diabetes is though dont eat food with out inuslen promes me i did that and it sucked i was in the 30s of blood sugar i was barfing none stop and ingnior people who are like oh no u cant eat sugar and like rub in ur face case it also has cool powers like u can say ur a robot if u have a pump or u can say i have low blood sugar i need to get out of class and u canget blind owo
Orion Hi i have diabetes karen ack get a way from me u wwilll give me it and u cant eat candy "eats scoopysnacks" Orion uhh yes i can idoit
by OrionDiabeteskid September 6, 2019
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diabetes is a disease that makes you cuss incesently and makes you extremely irritable(especially when you have doctors that dont know what they're doing and numbers more off the wall than a baby who drinks coffee.)
Ive had diabetes for 12 years, and i have a heck of a time telling people what it is!
by Afton February 9, 2005
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Type one is when your body produces little or no insulin, mostly in juvenile patients but can be diagnosed at any age. You usually either have to take shots daily or you have an insulin pump. Most people (of both types) test regularly(at least 4 times a day)

type two is when someone is(generally) overweight, and cannot produce enough insulin to reach all places of the body. they usually have to have pills to help.
Well, I have type 1 and i hate life. If you get diabetes...good luck living a normal life!
by Harumi Miyake January 18, 2009
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If you have type one diabetes your beautiful and god was sooooo jealous he took your pancreas

Another reason:your pancreas just could stand your beauty
Hooman:wow your beautiful

You:I have type one diabetes
Hooman:I wish I did😭😟
by I'm not weird November 29, 2019
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One of the best diseases out there! Cause when you become diabetic you get a indestructible pancreas that everyone is jealous of mann!
+Plus you get to freak people out, make them think your on heroin, when they ask "OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!"
+And...if class gets super can scare the teacher by saying "IM REALLY LOW I HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW TO GET JUICE BEFORE I PASS OUT" and then go to the soda machine fore 20 mins and get some food while everyone else sits in class.
Or if you forgot to study for a can leave for that reason too. :
teacher:"its time to take a test"
kidd with diabetes:"IM LOW! BYE!"
*diabetic exits without fuss with teacher in 5 second FLAT*
by Diana Dz May 21, 2008
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Diabetes is a God forsaken disease. There are two main causes to this, for type 1 your pancreas simply fails on you, it was not their fault. On the other hand type 2 was definitely their fault for eating too many twinkies and big macs. Both types of diabetes may need insulin injections to regulate blood sugar. Type 1 diabetics will always have to either inject themselves, or get a manual pump. Type 2 diabetics may need injections, depending on their conditions. Hypo glycemic is when someone's blood sugar is very low, this could lead to a coma, or death. Hyper glycemic is when someone has too high of a blood star count, these effects include, vomiting, nausea, and lethargy. Please trust this information, I myself am a type1 diabetic, and at most I take 7 shots a day
by PandaBoi1337 May 30, 2012
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