A disease caused by eating to much and usually results to being overweight
Did you hear that Juan has diabetes ?
by Cosmiixz March 14, 2018
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type 1: an autoimmune disorder where your pancreas does not produce insulin. IT IS NOT BECAUSE YOU ATE TOO MUCH SUGAR AND DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANT EAT SUGAR.
type 2: happens either genetically or because of eating habits. your pancreas is somewhat resistant to insulin. unlike type 1, type 2 diabetes can sometimes go away if taken well enough care. you also have to watch what you eat with type 2 diabetes.
me:“i was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.”
dumbass:“oh shit man, so you can’t eat sugar?”
me:“no, dumbass. that’s not how it works.”
by lordfarquad June 03, 2018
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Diabetes is a disease that either means you take tablets or you have injections everyday around 4-5 times everyday. You also have to prick your finger and put it on a strip. It is NOT contagious or disgusting. I have diabetes and i am proud to say that I have it and if any one is mean to me about it, I don't care because I've had it since a young age and it just makes me and diabetic people stronger!
I have diabetes and need injections.
by Katrina74 October 05, 2017
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A Donkey eating too unhealthy which causes diabetes.
I have Diabetes.
by deoxide October 18, 2018
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