To pass away whilst flirting with small stinging insects
"Don't make eyes at that bee. You wouldn't want to diabetes."
by KeithMyArthe December 08, 2006
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To have different actions or emotions due to low or high blood sugar from type 1 or juvenille diabetes. Can be seen if someone looks lost or is sober but slurring their speech. Also yelling randomly or freaking out at meaningless things. Can be predicted by numbness in fingers or lips. Easlily confused with drunkeness. Occurs only in Type 1 / Juvenille Diabetics.
Darnit, Bozeek is diabeting again.

I couldn't come to class because I was diabeting.
by Alex V B October 22, 2008
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word used in the movie " A night at the roxbury" meaning sweet, awesome, fantastic,outrageous, or kick ass. fun to use when joking around cuz you'll sound like a dumbass if you actually use it.
guy1: "dude! i totally hooked up last night with that hot ass sally!"
guy2: "diabetic!"
by jneill May 26, 2007
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Saying, "Aww dude, that's sweet!" is totally inappropriate and downright douchebaggary when describing something sweeter-than-sweet thus, use diabetical, so that it is clear how sweet and potentially dangerous the subject is...
So sweet it may give you diabetes, the subject's diabolical plan...
Wow, you see how she just unzipped her top so low like that?... That bitch, straight diabetical.
by twiggy eksfaur October 17, 2008
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type 1: an autoimmune disorder where your pancreas does not produce insulin. IT IS NOT BECAUSE YOU ATE TOO MUCH SUGAR AND DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANT EAT SUGAR.
type 2: happens either genetically or because of eating habits. your pancreas is somewhat resistant to insulin. unlike type 1, type 2 diabetes can sometimes go away if taken well enough care. you also have to watch what you eat with type 2 diabetes.
me:“i was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.”
dumbass:“oh shit man, so you can’t eat sugar?”
me:“no, dumbass. that’s not how it works.”
by lordfarquad May 08, 2018
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One who suffers from diabetes, a disorder marked by excessive thirst and caused by an imbalance of insulin.
I can't eat that candy, because I'm diabetic.
by BCal November 18, 2003
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1) Teacher: "Why were you late Jimmy?
Jimmy: "My blood sugar was low!"
Teacher: "Ok."

2) Teacher: "Jimmy, you know, that you're only permitted one dessert!"
Jimmy: "Oh my blood sugar is low."
Teacher: "Oh OK then have a third one too!"

3) Principal: "Why did you go home after the second period, Jimmy?"
Jimmy: "My blood sugar was high!"
Principal: "Oh. Just forget, that you were even here!"

Diabetes. (It would not let me post the example without writing it)
by DaDiabetic June 24, 2011
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