One of the best diseases out there! Cause when you become diabetic you get a indestructible pancreas that everyone is jealous of mann!
+Plus you get to freak people out, make them think your on heroin, when they ask "OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!"
+And...if class gets super boring..you can scare the teacher by saying "IM REALLY LOW I HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW TO GET JUICE BEFORE I PASS OUT" and then go to the soda machine fore 20 mins and get some food while everyone else sits in class.
Or if you forgot to study for a test..you can leave for that reason too. :
teacher:"its time to take a test"
kidd with diabetes:"IM LOW! BYE!"
*diabetic exits without fuss with teacher in 5 second FLAT*
by Diana Dz May 20, 2008
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Diabetes is a God forsaken disease. There are two main causes to this, for type 1 your pancreas simply fails on you, it was not their fault. On the other hand type 2 was definitely their fault for eating too many twinkies and big macs. Both types of diabetes may need insulin injections to regulate blood sugar. Type 1 diabetics will always have to either inject themselves, or get a manual pump. Type 2 diabetics may need injections, depending on their conditions. Hypo glycemic is when someone's blood sugar is very low, this could lead to a coma, or death. Hyper glycemic is when someone has too high of a blood star count, these effects include, vomiting, nausea, and lethargy. Please trust this information, I myself am a type1 diabetic, and at most I take 7 shots a day
by PandaBoi1337 May 30, 2012
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to clarify, there are two types:
type I is the case where the individual is either born with, or receives it at an early age. Is irreversible and the person most commonly has to live with it the rest of their lives. The pancreas either doesn't work entirely, or produces so little insulin that its insufficient to support the body.
type II is when they're just fatasses and the pancreas still works, but the insulin can't reach all of the bodies cells through the bloodstream. hence the need for extra dosages of insulin.
Both most commonly associated with having multiple shots a day and not being able to eat surplus amounts of sugar
"So.. what exactly IS diabetes then?"

"uhhh.. you want the long explanation or the really fucking long explanation?"
by DocW@llington October 05, 2008
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1) Teacher: "Why were you late Jimmy?
Jimmy: "My blood sugar was low!"
Teacher: "Ok."

2) Teacher: "Jimmy, you know, that you're only permitted one dessert!"
Jimmy: "Oh my blood sugar is low."
Teacher: "Oh OK then have a third one too!"

3) Principal: "Why did you go home after the second period, Jimmy?"
Jimmy: "My blood sugar was high!"
Principal: "Oh. Just forget, that you were even here!"

Diabetes. (It would not let me post the example without writing it)
by DaDiabetic June 24, 2011
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The disease that Matt Erjavec suffers from.
In addition to needing shots, Matt Erjavec's diabetes require a hug a day from members of the opposite sex. If he does not get this hug, he dies.
by kingdick May 03, 2005
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a disease some fat guy on a horse talks about. he usually pronounces it diabeetis
"with this new testing device diabetes is a piece of cake"
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