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Its sucks you have to take 2 typses of needles inuslen and long acting u arnt fat its just the world hates u and if diabetes is though dont eat food with out inuslen promes me i did that and it sucked i was in the 30s of blood sugar i was barfing none stop and ingnior people who are like oh no u cant eat sugar and like rub in ur face case it also has cool powers like u can say ur a robot if u have a pump or u can say i have low blood sugar i need to get out of class and u canget blind owo
Orion Hi i have diabetes karen ack get a way from me u wwilll give me it and u cant eat candy "eats scoopysnacks" Orion uhh yes i can idoit
by OrionDiabeteskid September 6, 2019
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Technoblade Was a youtuber who was a minecraft youtuber know for his minecraft hypixel potato war videos. He passed away this year and uploaded "so long nerds" as his last video, it started off with his dad explaining all what happened and techno's last words to his fans o7
Person 1 - did you hear technoblade lost to cancer?
Person 2 - cancer cannot survive if the host is dead, so its a draw.
by OrionDiabeteskid July 2, 2022
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