A man who deserves a medal but has never really won a prize before.
"Johnny Boy deserves a medal but he's never really won a prize before!"
by dipandpip April 28, 2018
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The man, simply a god among men. People appear as mere mortals, because of immortality of his greatness. Women love him, men want to be him. Scottish by background, lover in faith. Can please any women, known for his overwhelming strength and power.
by jhaywood02 March 4, 2009
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a nickname you give to your guy friend named,john,jonathon but you have to have a crush on this boy
person1:JOHNNY BOY!!!!
by ihaveknowclue April 10, 2013
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An unchartered individual who's proficieny is reflected not by the fabrication of artificial certification that society has created for him, but by the stalwart foundation that he creates for himself.
Milt: I made like $50 today selling paybook books
Jake: alright let's a roll a blunt
Nick: I'm just tryna stuff it Johnny boy
by NickTheLim June 27, 2015
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The person who sacrifices his or herself to the police so that the other people who commited the crime will not get in trouble.
"Hey, where's Tom?"
"He played the Johnny-boy. I hope they don't rough him up."
by Aaron Newquist April 9, 2008
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Someone who is so high all they do is laugh at everything or lay down and need others help so they don’t die
Yo he’s being such a Johnny boi right now
by Tha bois November 27, 2018
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someone who dresses worse than a "shotgun." and smokes as much pot as possible in one day.
i called him a johnny boy due to the fact that he is almos always high.
by SHOTGUN aka P@^1 June 29, 2010
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